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Historical evolution

Unit tasks:
The predecessor of the Department of Information Engineering was the "Department of Applied Mathematics" established in the Republic of China in 58 years. In order to cope with the digital task of the National Army and train computer professionals, the Department of Information and Information was established. With the development of information technology, it was renamed as the "Department of Information Science" in the Republic of China in 73. The entire teaching goal was divided into two phases: the first phase focused on core courses such as basic computer theory and functional operations, giving students a solid theory Foundation; the second phase is oriented to the application of computers to strengthen the computerization of information technology in computer system engineering, model simulation, information security, computer network and other related courses, to achieve the goal of unification of learning and use, in response to the national defense information foundation Demand for talents for construction and information warfare. In response to the changes in modern warfare patterns, the Department established the "Information Science Research Institute" in 1992 in order to cultivate senior military and power professional officers; combining the advantages of capital and power with the needs of the national military information system project, the Republic of China 99 On August 1st, the Japanese Department was renamed as the "Department of Information Engineering". In order to strengthen the national military ’s overall information security and cyber warfare capabilities, and to train the national army ’s cyber security professionals, combined with the operation of theory and practice, the Department of Information Engineering of the academy has approved the establishment of a “Master of Cyber ​​Security On-the-job Class”. Since the Republic of China began to recruit students in 105 years, it has cultivated a number of masters with equal emphasis on theory and practice for national military units and the industry. In response to the latest artificial intelligence and network offensive and defensive operational requirements, under the guidance of the Ministry of National Defense, an information system group and network offensive and defensive group have been added under the Department of Information Systems Engineering to strengthen the education and training of the national army information system and network offensive and defensive technology personnel.

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