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Graduation development

Graduation credits of this department are based on 131 credits stipulated by the Ministry of Education. The graduates will be awarded a bachelor's degree in science and engineering by the Ministry of Education. Because the National Army attaches great importance to the cultivation of information technology talents, graduates of this department are selected by various units for domestic and foreign research, so there are many masters and doctoral degrees in public funding. These graduates, whether they are still serving in the military or retired to civilian employment, are reused by all parties because of their expertise. In addition, since 109, the National University of Defense Technology and National Jiaotong University's educational cooperation program, regardless of gender, recruits trainees from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Taiwan Ship Trainees. Those who have completed 4 years of study and pass the test will be awarded the Jiaotong University "System Engineering" "Technology and Technology" bachelor's degree certificate, the contracted unit service for at least 8 years (starting salary 46 thousand Chinese Academy of Sciences / 40,000 Taiwanese ships).

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