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Education goals

According to the mission, education vision and educational goals of the Institute, the educational mission and educational goals of the department are established. The relevant laws and regulations for the development of the educational objectives of the department are reviewed by the academic conference of the Polytechnic Institute, and the departmental level regulations of the Department of Information To lay the legal foundation and basis.
The educational goal of this department is to train and reserve the backbone of cadres and management leaders of national defense information engineering technology. It is hoped that the students will have:
Have information expertise:
To teach students the basics and expertise of information technology, and to design software or use software and tools to lay the foundation for relevant work in the life cycle of the defense information system.
Have information practice skills:
Through the curriculum training and learning environment, students can experience the skills of solving and designing information technology, such as: discovery, induction, analysis, integration and other technologies, as well as the required conception, identification and execution skills.
Skilled teamwork model:
Train students to have the ability to collaborate with others, communicate effectively and express themselves, and recognize the overall value of the team, adjust themselves, appropriately contribute their personal strength, and develop a healthy personality trait in the team.
Establish leadership and management skills:
Through militarized life management and related systems and environment, students are trained to have the ability to organize and manage, military (by) leadership, so that students are qualified for the work and possible challenges of grassroots cadres in the future.
Deeply innovate and think creatively:
Students have a clear understanding of the sustainable development of the national army leaders, science and technology officers, and engineers. They are accustomed to different perspectives, innovative thinking, and have the will and ability to continue self-growth and lifelong learning.
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